While holding the position as Secretary of Agriculture and Fishing in the State of Chiapas, Mexico, in the 1960s, the company founder, Mr. G. Beutelspacher, worked closely with local beekeepers which allowed him to acquire a profound understanding of this industry.

Inspired by the beekeepers´ endless commitment and the excellent quality of the regional honey types, Mr. Beutelspacher founded “Productos Naturales del Campo” in 1980 with the objective to export honey from Chiapas and foster the development of the regional beekeeping industry.

Since the establishment, the owner has been eager to seek promising opportunities. Initially, the product assortment included a small number of honey types exclusively from the state of Chiapas. However, new family-owned subsidiaries, which were set up in the Yucatan peninsula and in Central Mexico in the 1990s by the company founder’s children, allowed the family to offer a wide variety of domestic honey types.

Soon after the successful growth in Mexico, Mrs. Ingrid Beutelspacher opened the sales company, Apimiel GmbH, in Berlin, Germany, where the main market was to be found originally. Since then, we extended the product assortment when new opportunities arose in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil where close business relationships with reliable partners and professional cooperatives were established.

Today, we attend to our numerous worldwide clients from this location and deliver our honey in drums directly from the country of origin to any port in the world.